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Let’s play some trivia!

Next Game: Friday March 20, 8PM EDT

You’ll be able to see and hear Mush, but he’ll only be able to read your chat messages. You’ll be able to see, hear, and talk with your teammates via video and/or audio chat. You won’t be able to see or hear the other teams playing, but you’ll be able to talk smack in the chat if you want.

  1. Get your team set up in Discord, Facetime, Hangouts, Duo, or any video streaming service you prefer.
    If you’re using Discord, you’ll need to create a new Group Chat. If you want, you can add your teammates as friends, or you can just copy their username (along with the # symbol and the number) from their profile.
  2. Get your score sheet set up. Pick one person to be the score-writer-downer (SWD), then have them open this Google Sheets link, which will make a new copy of the score sheet. The SWD should share the score sheet so that anyone with the link can view it, then send the link to their teammates and privately send it to Mush.
  3. Get Trivia up on your screen. Visit and tune in!
  4. (Optional) Hop In to the Chat. Visit the Trivia Channel on Mush’s Discord Server here. Since the video is delayed, it’s helpful to have at least one person from each team to be able to ask for repeats, get clarification, and perform the traditional text-based Victory Dance at the end a round.